"Jali Fily is a griot (praise-singer)..... one in a long line of prominent kora (harp-lute) players who recount tales of Mande history through song and music. Though he is based in the UK, this set of tracks are deeply traditional in style and - apart from some gentle electronica on one of the songs - feel very much rooted in the past. While they may not be groundbreaking, they are linked to something that's becoming increasingly hard to find - a deep respect for cultural traditions. This album may not be a stylistic step forward, but it is an important recording of what forms the basis of much modern West African music.

There are some beautiful renditions of traditional and popular Mande classics. 'Kaira', a song of peace, reveals Cissokho's kora skills, with the multiple sonorities of the 22-stringed instrument producing an upbeat cascade of notes. 'Instrumental', an original composition, shows what a delicate player and composer Cissokho can be. The melody is distinct and the rhythm moves gently in waves that carry the listener on long after the track has finished. There are some lovely stories on this album too, which Cissokho learnt as a child from his mother.... these are an important set of tracks that have been laid down with thoughtfulness and care." Songlines